Our work culture embraces:

  • Treated one another with respect
  • Supportive leadership


As a wellness studio, we have spaces available for:

  • individual counseling/consulting by the hour
  • wellness classes (yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other movement classes, and/or workshops by the hour or by the day
  • therapeutic massage and bodywork sessions

Below is a general description of each rental situation.

As a woman-owned wellness center consisting of a small group of independent healers, we work  together to offer a wide range of therapeutic healing touch modalities.  Our goal is to educate our clientele on the benefits of routine massage and alternative health methods to self-care for healing and balance in their lives.  We encourage our healers to:

  • Practice what they preach and create health and balance in their own lives.  
  • Trade bodywork from one another (for self-care as well as learning techniques from one another)

Yoga or Dance Classroom Rental:



Private Office for Rent

Furnished office ideal for counseling or consulting in a one-on-one or a small group setting.

* 110 sqare foot space
* seating for 2 (additional seating available by request)
* coffee table
* private bathroom
* spacious lobby to greet clients
* noise machine to enable greater privacy
* free access to bottled water service

$25 hourly
$100/month for 5 hours weekly
$200 for 10 hour weekly
$300/15 hour
$450/20 hour

Serious inquiries only. Contact us at or (614) 784-9473 for additional information.

Licenced Massage Therapist Wanted

Our wellness studio specializes in pain management and stress reduction with a busy schedule of clients who have been with us for over 25 years for their massage needs. Our goal is to educate our customers on the benefits of routine massage and alternative wellness practices (stretching, strengthening, home care, nutritional guidance via our Ayurveda Practitioner) for personal self-care in order to create wellness and balance in their lives. We invite:

* Experienced independent contractors (3 years or more)
* Friendly, thoughtful, professional, and dependable person

* Proficiency in several therapeutic modalities (deep tissue is required)
* Those interested in a long-term situation (5 years or more)

This is not an entry level position and requires:
* Experience in retail sales and online scheduling software (training is available)
* The ability to build your schedule and maintain clients
* Ability to work independently and be self motivated

We are looking for a sharing relationship where we help YOU:
* fill your schedule
* with training in additional modalities
* career guidance and professional development
* support to help you maintain a long and healthy career in massage

This job is what you make of it! We promote work/life balance and encourage you to create your ideal schedule (within reason), but expect professionalism and reliability. We support self-care and encourage learning and professional development, but require a long-term commitment. Let's get together and see if it's a good fit.

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: $45 - 50 per hour, plus gratuities

* Therapists will only wear a mask at client request.
* Each treatment room has a heavy-duty air purifier.
* Isopropyl Alcohol and disinfectant wipes are always available.
* Bathrooms/treatment rooms are disinfected between clients.

Interested? Send your resume to :
Serious inquiries only. Contact us at (614) 784-9473.

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