About Body Wisdom

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide holistic wellness through Touch, Movement, and Education.

Touch – Therapeutic massage & body work

Movement – Gentle exercise like yoga and tai chi

Education – Wellness classes and workshops on Ayurveda, meditation, alternative spiritual and health practices, breathwork, and more.

Our Vision

Our philosophy of Ayurveda states that balance can only be found when negative habits and harmful lifestyle practices are reduced and positive self-care routines are adopted. Better habits create more balance and reduce the extremes in our nature so they can no longer obscure our understanding of reality. This improves our ability to care for ourselves, our families, and our community. When we clearly see the effect we can have on our world simply by changing ourselves, there is a strong sense of empowerment, belonging and purpose.  This discovery feeds our soul. It gives our life deeper meaning.

Our History and Values

Our History

Body Wisdom Healing Group, LLC is a tranquil, wellness studio nestled in the unassuming streets of Clintonville. We opened as a massage clinic in the summer of 2002 after the previous proprietor decided to retire from massage, and sold the business to several of its devoted body workers.  And so, Body Wisdom Healing Group became a partnership of healers.

Discovering Ayurveda changed our paradigm.   In 2016 we not only expanded into our neighboring suite but expanded our offerings to include Ayurveda consultations and Ayurvedic herbal and lifestyle products.  

Our Values

Vulnerability: It is the catalyst for healing. We know dropping your guard, and opening up about your health issues requires vulnerability. It’s a state of softness and admitting to yourself and others that you need care.
Curiosity:  By replacing self-judgment with curiosity-and-trust, you’ve made the first step towards healing. The road to true healing can be a long one, and there will likely be discomfort along the way. Each of us has to confront parts of ourselves we might not like or even know exists and we’ll have to get past the mental and emotional blocks that are holding us back in order to heal fully.
Inclusivity: At Body Wisdom, we celebrate diversity.  We honor clients of any age, ethnicity, gender, identity, religion, or ability,
Environmental Responsibility: We only have one planet and her health is our health.  So, we aim to do everything in our power to reduce waste by:  r
ecycling, using LED light bulbs, cellular window shades, reusable mugs (compostable drinking cups during Covid-19), recycled printer paper, receipts only by request, eco-friendly cleaning products, and we proudly select only organic products for our responsibly sourced essential oils, high grade massage oils, and of course, we carefully select all of our bath & body products to ensure their environmental footprint is small, and responsible .

Our Service and Philosophy

Our Service

Everyday life can be exhausting and sometimes painful.  Our therapeutic treatments can be an important time-out for those searching for a more balanced life. Everyday we see the consequence of neglecting the body. Though massage is a WONDERFUL way to undo the many sins of neglect — we would be poor healers if we did not address the root causes of our client’s chronic pain issues.   We have found that showing our clients where the imbalances are in their lives and the simple changes that can be made to reduce or eliminate their pain means they can enjoy massage as a proactive preventative medicine instead of a reactive medicine. 

Therapeutic massage is a VITAL part of well-being, but rather than simply addressing the symptom of tight muscles and trigger points, we discus and teach  stretching, movement and exercise therapy via at home stretching routines, yoga and tai chi classes and/or lifestyle adjustments.  Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle consultations may be recommended if there is severe imbalance in our client’s life or emotional health.

Our philosophy 

We honor the mind-body connection.  We accept that healing must occur at all levels in order  to reach the root of any imbalance.  We aspire to not only heal the bodies, but also the minds, and spirits of our loyal clientele.  We are deeply dedicated to the education, healing, and spiritual betterment of our community.  We invite you into our tranquil oasis where the world stops (if only for a little while), the body rejuvenates, and the mind stills in a refuge far from the punishing pace of modern life.  We are here to inspire, empower, and teach a better way of being.  We welcome you all into our family! 

“May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence to the human condition.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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