Alice E. Daniels, LSW.

In the Business of Creating Small Precious Moments

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About Alice…

Alice Daniels, is, and has been, so many things to so many people: a daughter, a mother, a proud woman of color, a counselor, a friend, an advocate, a professional social worker, a neighbor, a community leader, a mentor, a trainer, a motivational speaker, and much more! Some people know her as “Ms. Alice” as a result of her 20+ years of work at Central Community House where she served as the mainstay for literally thousands of adults, children, and families who make up the diverse neighborhoods of Columbus’ near-east side. Others in the African-American or Afro-centric community, along with her 15+ year affiliation with the Ohio Wesleyan University’s Upward Bound Program fondly know her as “Sister Alice.”

With an unmatched and genuine passion for helping others to help themselves, along with a proven commitment to making a real and positive difference in the community and within the live of individuals and families, Alive has unleashed her diverse skills and talents to continue her important work through her most recent endeavor…Daniels Consults. Through her work, Alice is “in the business of creating small precious moments” as she calls it. “I want to help others find that they have the power to create and sustain small precious moments that can make powerful, positive, and lasting differences in their lives and, in turn, within the community in which we all live.”

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