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Licensed Massage Therapist

Body Wisdom Healing Group is looking for several experienced licensed massage therapists to join our highly skilled massage team.

Our serene and spacious massage studio specializes in therapeutic massage often combining several massage modalities to remedy our client’s many complaints ranging from stress to injury to chronic pain conditions. We encourage our guests to explore our therapeutic spa and Ayurvedic add-on treatments to further enhance their individualized wellness sessions. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to become more aware of the mind/body connection, and discover gentle, delicious ways to enhance their experience at our studio and in their lives.

Available Shifts: (given in 4-hour increments with some flexibility)

We are increasing our hours of operation, so we now have day, evening, and weekend shifts available.

  • Mon afternoon and evening

  • Tues morning/afternoon and evening

  • Wed evening

  • Thursday morning/afternoon and evening

  • Sat afternoon

This is a part-time position, initially, but can become full-time once your schedule is established, if desired. We would love to eventually find the right person to take on the role of Lead Therapist to lead and train our team. The current position(s) is for an independent contractor, but as a convenience we take care of the sales tax.

Our mission for our team members is an alignment-based work culture where leadership helps them find and work in their zone of genius. We focus on mentorship, coaching, and leadership training and encourage our team members to master skills that help them build their resumes in the direction that they most want to go.

Our healing work requires respectful speech and behavior that create an emotionally safe workplace where team members can share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with their coworkers and all members of leadership without worrying about what other people may say. We work very diligently to create an environment our team members and our community can feel met with acceptance.

Every client is an individual and we recognize and respect all types of diversity including and not limited to size, ethnicity, race, gender and gender roles, sexual orientation, age, class, citizenship status, religion and abilities. Therefore, as a company we welcome the many ways this diversity deepens our shared understanding of the applications of our work. We celebrate and honor the strength, creativity and growth that comes from experiencing different viewpoints, backgrounds and cultures.

Key responsibilities and duties include:

  • Greet clients with warmth, confidence, and direct eye contact so clients feel safe and welcome
  • Approach your client’s session with a personalized client experience in order to meet them where they are and effectively address their individual needs
  • Complete a thorough consult with clients – to discover their levels of pain and stress, their past/current injuries, previous treatments (and their effectiveness) before beginning their massage session
  • Give skillful therapeutic massages that address the clients needs

  • Offer massage clients simple stretches/exercises to help improve their condition and ease their complaints or refer them to resource that can further their healing process.

  • Ring up clients while being in service to them and making an offering of any products you believe can help them with their personal situation at the end of their massage session

  • Straighten massage room in a considerate manner at the end of your shift for the next therapist
  • Attend and participate in regular staff meetings and trainings, and/or watch recordings so you can stay up-to-date on studio protocols, trainings, and policies.
  • Request subs in a timely manner when taking time off so we can ensure all our clients are served properly.

This Job IS for you if:
  • You are self motivated

  • You LOVE to interact with people and have excellent people skills

  • You have at least 3 years of work experience in therapeutic massage

  • You are warm, friendly and work well with others

  • You have a strong work ethic, but also enjoy a little fun and light-heartedness at work

  • You are reliable, professional, and trustworthy

  • You desire to grow and evolve on a personal and professional level

  • You are good at communication and have/keep healthy boundaries

  • You are able to offer and receive constructive feedback and can grow from it

  • You have curiosity and passion for learning new ways of healing clients

  • You are able to communicate your needs and concerns in a healthy and mature way

This job is NOT for you if:
  • Direct and timely communication is not a priority for you

  • You struggle with organization in your work or personal life

  • You don’t like selling things (and are unwilling to work through your mindset blocks about making sales)
  • You find it really hard to feel comfortable with people who want their needs met
  • You struggle to receive feedback
  • Your schedule is in flux, so you’re not available for the listed shifts, or you’re unable to make a one-year commitment

Compensation & Benefits: Getting paid to do what you love!

  • Competitive salary: 16,380K-24,570 plus generous tips for 10-15 hours each week, depending on experience, plus tips

  • 10% Employee discount on all products

  • We process sales tax as a convenience so you don’t have to

  • Flexible schedule

  • Training & Growth– By joining our small, but collaborative team you have the opportunity for true mentorship in all aspects of running a committed mission-focused AND profitable small wellness business. We offer additional training in product and service sales, massage modalities/Asian bodywork, Ayurvedic treatments, and healthy work culture, etc., and help each team member master vital skill sets that interest them and help them build their resumes for whatever direction they want to go.

  • Opportunities for advancement – Promotional training is available for those capable and interested in more responsibility and growth

  • Weekly Free massages – We promote and encourage team members to enjoy routine self-care and recommend trading weekly massages and/or spa treatments with their coworkers

  • We pay our team members for each massage as well as for all meetings and any admin time

To apply, please email your resume and letter of interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Private Office for Rent

Furnished office ideal for counseling or consulting in a one-on-one or a small group setting.

* 110 sqare foot space
* seating for 2 (additional seating available by request)
* coffee table
* private bathroom
* spacious lobby to greet clients
* noise machine to enable greater privacy
* free access to bottled water service

$25 hourly
$100/month for 5 hours weekly
$200 for 10 hour weekly
$300/15 hour
$450/20 hour

Serious inquiries only. Contact us at or (614) 784-9473 for additional information.

Yoga or Dance Classroom Rental


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