This simple but delightful massage treatment is great for tension headaches, sinus pain and congestion, and facial tension.  We use only organic products and scents of rose or lavender to help ease inflammation and stress.  Hot (or chilled) scented towels end this lovely facial massage.

This gentle version of the traditional Chinese technique is relaxing and rejuvenating. It moves stagnation and lymph from the face and neck through long, smooth strokes with a facial Gua Sha tool. The treatment finishes with a warm towel and rose water mist to soothe and tone the skin.

Enjoy as an add-on to your massage or as a stand-alone treatment.

Benefits:  Brighter, smoother, more radiant skin.  Greatly improves sagging, uneven skin. Reducse dark circles, eye bags, and puffy eyes. Reduces pore size and clears clogged pores.  Detoxifies skin, controls acne, reduces scars, uneven pigmentation and freckles.

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