Thomas Paolino, LMT – Accepting New Clients

Thomas Paolino, LMT

Since his receipt of licensure from the Ohio State Medical Board, Thomas Paolino has provided therapeutic medical massage services at a Chiropractor’s office, worked on professional & college athletes, at gymnasiums, and fortunate private clients across the Greater Cincinnati & Columbus areas.

He specializes in medical massage with an emphasis on therapeutic sports massage and rehabilitation, and is proficient in:

* Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
* Myofascial Release
* Cupping
* Percussion/Stretching
* Guasha
* “Unwinding” – A combination of positional release and yoga positions w/ massage
* Contrast Therapy Treatment
* Athletic & Sports oriented massage
* M.E.T. & P.N.F. – Muscular Energy Techniques & Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
* D.N.M. – Dermaneuro Modulation
* Gentle Friction Massage

Not only will his clients attest to his dedication to his art, but Thomas also comes highly recommended by a letter from the school’s administration, his instructors, and from practicing physicians that have had the opportunity to work with him.

“Thomas made me a believer in remedial massage therapy. He’s very knowledgeable and thorough in diagnosing your problem, choosing the best action, and explaining his techniques all the while making you feel relaxed and comfortable”. — Mark Wolfinbarger

Practiced Modalities:

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