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Mind Path Tai Chi and Chi Gung - Foundation

This class is a more complete study of the classic Yang-Style Taiji, and will incorporate a combination of: 1.) Healthy Yang Style Taiji, as apposed to fighting Taiji. 2.) Qigong (aka Chinese Yoga) for wellness, and 3.)Chinese Neigong self-massage--a vital but often overlooked aspect of a complete Qigong practice to stimulate your chi flow and enhance your ability to sense chi during your taiji practice.

Led by a certified instructor from The Dr. Wu's Chinese K'ung Fu /T'ai Chi Chuan Institute of Columbus, OH.

Come learn this ancient Chinese art which incorporates slow, natural movements and breath work to reduce stress, help lower blood pressure, improve balance and more.

**Suitable for all levels of fitness.**

NOTE: You can jump in at any time and join this class. The instructor will be able to easily incorporate you into the class curriculum.