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Do you consider Massage an art form? Do you try to notice every little detail that goes into giving your best massage? Do you enjoy exceeding your Client's expectations? Do you keep your focus on your Client until the door closes as they leave the studio? Then you are definitely what we are looking for! Won't you join us?


Body Wisdom is committed to creating a healing environment for our Clients AND Therapists. We believe true relaxation starts with trust. Trust is formed by building relationships through the sincere desire to heal, nurture, and connect with Clients and each other. We are not a massage mill. We want our Therapists to come to Body Wisdom and enjoy a satisfying career in Alternative Healing, not a career in the "massage business". We believe the difference is relationships. Many of our Clients have been visiting our studio for over fifteen (15) years, and are truly Friends of Body Wisdom. We are friendly, focused, sincere, hard-working, professional, and very skilled Therapists with the desire to build and maintain a solid, stable career as artists in the Massage Therapy industry.


Are you willing to work with others in order to focus more on your Massage Skills and less on your business skills? Do you desire the connection and support of a small group? Are you ready to willingly let go of many of the administrative tasks that go into being your own boss in exchange for the pleasure of simply focusing on developing your Massage career? Maybe you are ready for what we can offer at Body Wisdom.


* An online presence promoting LMTs via our website: LMT bio, LMT hours available, LMT phone extn, and 24-hour client access to online scheduling services (client's can even make appointments, while you sleep),

* Use of Body Wisdom promotional items: brochures, signage, website, Facebook page (we will promote you there too!), online advertising (we like to promote individual Therapists offering new modalities to Body Wisdom Clients), etc., (LMTs provide their own business cards and Body Wisdom Healing Group, LLC. Must be included on them),

* Access to Body Wisdom's Clientele,

* Training in: client building and retention, massage techniques and/or modalities (if appropriate), product sales, self-promotion, and LMT self-care (if needed),

* Weekly payroll

* Use of a massage room with all the accoutrements (sheets, oils, music, etc.), with regular cleaning maintenance provided. Therapists are expected to straighten the massage room for the next Therapist,

* A long-standing, stable, clean, caring, and professional, Massage Therapy studio to promote and maintain your Massage Therapy practice

* Fellow Therapists to glean experience, knowledge, sympathy, understanding, and insight on your work and business concerns.





Modalities: Body Wisdom believes that as healers, we must be proficient in more than Gentle Swedish Massage. Our Clients have come to EXPECT to be HEALED, not just to be able to relax at Body Wisdom. So, we proudly offer Therapeutic Massage from OH Licensed Massage Therapists as a minimum standard. We also admit in order to maintain high standards in healing, we ALL need to continuously improve our Therapeutic skills. Offering more advanced modalities to our Clients, and learning more proficient ways to unwind tissue will make it easier for us to do our work, and attracts more Clients to our skills.

Proficiency: To excel here at Body Wisdom, all components which create a superior massage experience: anatomy knowledge, massage techniques & modalities, products, and naturally customer service must be taken very seriously or success will evade you. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of life of our Client's by educating, offering helpful products, using advanced modalities, compassionate listening, true sharing--it's all healing at Body Wisdom.

Selling & Sales Experience: As Therapists we are exposed to new and exciting products, theories, and modalities our Clients would never discover without us. Our clients rely on us to inform them.

Continuing Education(CE): At Body Wisdom we want Therapists who continue to learn. The field of massage is constantly changing, and growth keeps us fresh and excited about what we do. We know education attracts more Clients to you. More Client's = More Money. But most of us are not in the healing business just for money. We do it because it fulfills us. Education keeps us fulfilled.



* OH Limited Medical License to practice Massage Therapy in the state of Ohio,

* Professional Massage Therapy Insurance,

* OH Vendor's License (Independent Contractors pay their own sales tax),

* At least 5 years experience in Massage Therapy with combined hours equal to at least (10 hours a week),

* Ability to apply advanced Massage Therapies (e.g. Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Sports Massage, etc.) appropriately,

* It is an absolute requirement all our Massage Therapists perform Deep Tissue Massage, NO EXCEPTIONS (Thai Massage, Shiatsu, etc. are considered Deep Tissue modalities as well),

* Proficiency in a bodywork modality not currently available at Body Wisdom is desired, but not mandatory (e.g. Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, etc.),

* Independent Contractors are expected to have an "independent" interest in their careers (promoting themselves as a Therapist at Body Wisdom, assisting in filling their schedules, and developing a referral clientele),

* Expected to inform clients of Body Wisdom services and products,

* Average computer knowledge required to utilize our online scheduling system, email system, etc.,

* Week-ends or evenings may be required,

* 4 hours per day per week (minimum) to maintain a position at Body Wisdom

To be considered for a position at Body Wisdom, please submit your resume with professional and personal references included to: